The Elegant Pool Table: Latest Design Features

The Elegant Pool Table: Latest Design Features

One of our newest ranges of Luxury Pool Table already has even more custom options, the Elegant Pool Table has just been updated with 5 different frame designs. Our Elegant Pool Table is a slim-looking, unique design of high quality pool table that is available in our 7ft (238cm x 138.5cm) and is great to play English or American pool. Thanks to the sleek nature of the table it can also be used a pool dining table.

This blog will focus on the new frame designs on this pool table, if you wish to view our previous blog on the Elegant table then please click here. For more information on the Elegant Pool Dining Table then please feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help!

The Elegant Pool Table here is made with a white frame and a Navy Cloth in our frame design #1.

The New Frame Designs

The Elegant Pool Table is another of our very high quality pool dining tables and thanks to the wide variety of design options, this table can be made to suit a whole range of decors. With the additional five frame options this table has become one of our most customisable pool diners. The table is available to be made in any RAL colour of your choosing and the table itself can be made in three different colours if you would like (base, main frame and top cushions).

Please find the below images to show you all of the different frame designs available on the Elegant Pool Table. The first frame design is the original that was the start point to develop the others, this is a very slim and sleek design. Frame design 2 is a very modern frame option with large panels at either end and an open internal.

Frame Design 1

Frame Design 2

The third and fourth frame options are very similar, they are an open design with the option #4 having empty ‘windows’ in the panels. The last frame design is option 5, this is a very futuristic design that has one centre support bar with detailing. Please find images below to show you frame designs #3, #4 and #5.

For more information on the frame designs and other custom options on the Elegant Pool Table then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.

Frame Design 3

Frame Design 4

Frame Design 5

Elegant Pool Dining Table

As mentioned in our previous blog dedicated to the Elegant Pool Table, this table is also able to double up as a pool dining table. It is worth noting that only frame design #1 is compatible to be used as a pool dining table. This is due to the slim nature of the table with a very thin frame to ensure as much leg room as possible.

When purchasing a pool diner, one of the key things to note is the height of the table and the leg room available. Here at Luxury Pool Tables, we specialise in pool dining tables to ensure the most comfort when using one of our high quality pool diners, the Elegant Pool Table is another great example of that.

There are two options for the dining tops, those being either a matching painted dining top (10mm thick) or a clear glass dining top (6mm thick). Both dining tops will be specially made for The Elegant Pool Table to perfectly match the futuristic table design.

Above is the Elegant Pool Dining Table built with frame design #1 and a matching dining top.

We hope you found this blog on The Latest Design Features on the Elegant Pool Table useful. For more information on this table or any of our Luxury Pool Tables, then please do get in contact with us through either email or by giving us a call.

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