Bilijardai Pool Tables

Bilijardai Pool Tables

Our luxury pool table manufacturers, Bilijardai, are a European based company that we work extremely closely with to maintain our very high quality of pool tables and great customer service. With vast experience, Bilijardai have been building billiard tables since 1988 so have great knowledge of the various game types and the tables they are played on ensuring an amazing quality of game tables.

Over many years Bilijardai have developed a wide range of luxury pool tables that are all highly customisable allowing you to create the ideal pool table for you. Please browse through our website after reading this blog to view our amazing table ranges and please get in contact with any questions and we’ll be glad to help.

Here is our latest range of pool table, the Elegant Pool Table, this can double up as a pool diner and can be finished in any RAL colour. 

Our Luxury Pool Table Ranges

Our range of Luxury Pool Tables have been designed to suit everyones needs whilst still maintaining an exceptional quality. Working with Bilijardai, we are always looking to add new designs to further our diverse range of high quality pool tables. All of our luxury pool tables are made using the best materials, including great quality solid wood frames, competition style cloths and the best slate on the market.

Bilijardai and ourselves have worked together over the years to develop what we believe to be the best pool dining table ranges on the market, this is because we have developed our rise and fall system. The keys things to note when buying a pool dining table is the height of the table and the legroom, hence this system is designed to maximise comfort whilst maintain a high quality game of pool. The system allows the table to be lifted and lowered between the ideal dining height (76.5cm) and ideal pool playing height (80cm), this ensure maximum comfort when using standard height dining chairs. Our rise and fall system is available on our Contemporary and Slimline ranges.

The below images are of a few popular table ranges, those being our Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Slimline pool tables. For more information on any of our ranges, please do get in touch.


Our Contemporary Pool Table is designed to be the ideal pool dining table, here it is made in our oak #13 wood colour with a bespoke cloth


This is our highly customisable Modern Pool Table made in our oak #E4 colour with metal detailing in the legs and frame


The Traditional Pool Table is very diverse and can be made in a wide range of sizes, from 5ft to 12ft. Here is our 10ft Traditional Snooker Table


Thanks to the ultra-slim metal frame of the Slimline Pool Table, this is a great example of a high quality Pool Dining Table. 

Customisation of our Pool Tables

As mentioned above, our tables have many custom options in terms of the physical design of our tables, to the wood and cloth colours. Bilijardai have designed these tables to be customisable to allow you to create the ideal luxury pool table for your space. Throughout our website we have our “Table Building Programme” that will allow you to design one tables how you won’t them, it is worth noting the programme doesn’t give the best representation of colours but it’s great to get an idea of how your custom made pool table will look.

Please have a browse through our website to see all of our high quality pool tables, if you see any images of our tables you like then please get in contact with us and we can confirm the design options for you. On all of our pool table pages you will find the available wood, metal and cloth colours available for that range, towards the bottom of the page you will also find our Table Size Guide. This is a useful chart to help decide which size table will be best for your available space.

Please see the two images above showing a mock up made on our Contemporary Pool Table design program, next to the finished product. It’s not a perfect reflection but is a great tool to help visual the design options

We hope you found this blog useful and if you have any further questions then please do get in contact with us through either email or by giving us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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