Modern Pool Table




With its sleek design, the Modern Pool Table effortlessly transforms into a pool dining table, adding functionality to its list of charms. Despite the label “Modern,” the extensive design options available can infuse this table with a timeless, classic appeal. It’s not just a pool table; it’s a statement piece that adapts to your style with ease.

Pool Dining Aspect:
When being used as a pool dining table, our Modern Pool Table features a clever mechanism that stows away the dining tops underneath the table during gameplay, making the switch from a pool table to a dining table effortless. Worth noting, this convenient storage is exclusive to the 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft table sizes. Elevate your dining room with comfort, functionality and style

Custom Options:
Unlock the full potential of customisation with our Modern Pool Table, offering an extensive array of design features for you to tailor the table to your unique style. While called the Modern Pool Table, there are plenty of design options to make the table have a more classic and traditional feel to the table too. 

Please reach out to request colour samples through email or a quick call, and we’ll promptly send them your way. We can also send across further images from our vast catalogue images to show you designs and colour options which have been done previously. 

Leg Options:
Explore an extensive array of leg options within our Modern range, as showcased in the image below and our interactive Table Building Programme. For a touch of modern flair, consider legs #18 and #20, complete with optional LED enhancements (extra charge). Rest assured, all leg designs seamlessly match the colour of your chosen pool table unless you specify otherwise.

Wood Options:
Tailor your Modern Pool Table to your taste. Select from a range of solid wood types, including birch, ash, and oak which can all be stained in a range of our wood colours. Each wood type offers varying levels of grain visibility, birch has virtually no grain, ash has slightly more grain and oak has the most grain. Check below the text to see all the different wood colour options.

Cloth Options:

Choose from three high-quality cloth options – Simonis, Hainsworth Smart, or a bespoke cloth designed with your unique image or logo. Each cloth ensures a top-tier gaming experience. With the Simonis cloth, this is most commonly used on American Pool and Russian Pyramid tables, and is referred to as a speed cloth. Whereas the Hainsworth Smart cloth is a high quality ‘napped cloth’ and is usually found on English Pool and Snooker tables. Cloth colour charts are below this text. 

Multi-Game Capabilities:
Beyond its primary role as a pool table, the Modern Pool Table easily transforms into a Table Tennis Table. Our optional table tennis tops come in three different sizes to suit your space. These tops securely anchor to the table with three blocks, ensuring stability during gameplay. The package includes a net, two bats, and three balls, so you’re ready to enjoy a game of table tennis from the get-go.

Uncompromising Quality:
Like all our Luxury Pool Tables, the Modern Pool Table boasts a high-quality Brazilian slate bed, guaranteeing an exceptional playing experience.

Versatile Sizing:
Ranging in sizes from 5ft to 9ft to accommodate all billiard types, our Modern Pool Table is ideal for English pool when made in our 5ft, 6ft and 7ft sizes, while the 8ft and 9ft tables deliver an immersive American Pool experience. For a deeper dive into each game type, check out our Game Types Guide.

Accessories Included:
With each table, we provide a complimentary accessories pack featuring 4 cues, balls, a triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks that match your table cloth. Alternatively, upgrade to our premium accessories pack for a discounted rate of £200. This pack includes 4 high-quality cues, Aramith balls, a matching cue rack, triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks to match your table cloth.

Benches Available:
If you require benches to complement your Pool Dining Table, we offer a selection of benches designed to match your table. More information can be found on our furniture page.

Lead Times:
Our custom-made pool tables typically have lead times of around 8-10 weeks. Please contact us to confirm current lead times, as they may vary. Occasionally, we have stock tables available for quicker delivery as well.

Delivery and Installation:
We offer a professional installation service for all our mainland UK orders, our professional team will bring the table into site, build the table, ensure it is perfectly level and take away all the packaging. Delivery and installation costs vary, so please reach out to us for a personalised quote.

All our tables are custom-made by Bilijardai, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and quality.

Prices (inc 20% VAT)

5′: £ 3,450
6′: £ 3,650
7′: £ 3,800
8′: £3,950
9′: £4,850
Additional Options:
Dining Top & Holder: £400

LED’s (Legs 18 / 20 & in Pockets): £700

Game Types

English Pool
American Pool
Russian Pyramid

Wood Type

Birch Wood (included in the price)
Ash (Please add £100)
Oak (Please add £200)

Hainsworth Smart Cloth

For English Pool and Snooker

Simonis Cloth

For American Pool and Russian Pyramid

Custom Made Cloth

Available for all tables

Wood Colour Options

Legs (#18 & #20 are LED’s)

Top Frame Designs

Table Dimensions

(Click to enlarge)

Modern Pool Dining Table Heights

Modern Pool Table (fixed height):
Floor to dining top: 797mm

Floor to frame (space for legs): 620mm
Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

5', 6', 7', 8', 9'

Game Type

English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid

Wood Type

Birch, Ash, Oak

Wood Colour

Wood Colour #0, Wood Colour #1, Wood Colour #2, Wood Colour #3, Wood Colour #4, Wood Colour #5, Wood Colour #6, Wood Colour #7, Wood Colour #8, Wood Colour #9, Wood Colour #10, Wood Colour #11, Wood Colour #12, Wood Colour #13, Wood Colour #14, Wood Colour #E4, Wood Colour #E8, Wood Colour #P1

Cloth Colour (charts below)

Hainsworth Smart Black, Hainsworth Smart Pewter, Hainsworth Smart Silver, Hainsworth Smart Taupe, Hainsworth Smart Tan, Hainsworth Smart Gold, Hainsworth Smart Paprika, Hainsworth Smart Nutmeg, Hainsworth Smart Ranger Green, Hainsworth Smart Olive, Hainsworth Smart Sage, Hainsworth Smart Powder Blue, Hainsworth Smart Slate, Hainsworth Smart Navy, Hainsworth Smart Royal Blue, Hainsworth Smart French Navy, Hainsworth Smart Royal Navy, Hainsworth Smart Purple, Hainsworth Smart Maroon, Hainsworth Smart Cherry, Hainsworth Smart Windsor Red, Hainsworth Smart Red, Hainsworth Smart Orange, Hainsworth Smart Pink, Simonis Yellow Green, Simonis Blue Green, Simonis Apple Green, Simonis English Green, Simonis Olive Green, Simonis Dark Green, Simonis Spruce, Simonis Petroleum Blue, Simonis Marine Blue, Simonis Royal Blue, Simonis Electric Blue, Simonis Tournament Blue, Simonis Powder Blue, Simonis Red, Simonis Burgundy, Simonis Wine, Simonis Fushia, Simonis Purple, Simonis Orange, Simonis Camel, Simonis Gold, Simonis Chocolate, Simonis Grey, Simonis Slate Grey, Simonis Black

Leg Design

Leg Design #1, Leg Design #2, Leg Design #3, Leg Design #4, Leg Design #5, Leg Design #6, Leg Design #7, Leg Design #8, Leg Design #9, Leg Design #10, Leg Design #11, Leg Design #12, Leg Design #13, Leg Design #14, Leg Design #15, Leg Design #16, Leg Design #17, Leg Design #18 (LEDs), Leg Design #19, Leg Design #20 (LEDs)

Top Frame Design

Top Frame #1, Top Frame #2, Top Frame #3, Top Frame #4

Dining Top

Yes, No

Accessories Pack

Basic Accessories Pack, Premium Accessories Pack