A complete guide to buying a Luxury Pool Table!

Welcome to Luxury Pool Tables, where we showcase an extensive selection of premium Pool and Snooker Tables. Each of our Pool and Snooker Tables are designed to allow you the freedom to decide on the finer details, allowing you to put your own twist on your table!

Explore our diverse Pool Table ranges, each offering various customisation choices, including table size, wood type, colour, cloth type, and more. This guide has been carefully curated to assist you in choosing the perfect table that aligns with your preferences and guides you toward the ideal selection.

Below, you’ll find advice and information covering game types, ball sizes, pool table dimensions and heights, multi-use tables, custom options, and more. Elevate your gaming experience with a pool or snooker table tailored to your taste and preferences.

Game Types

We offer a wide range of high quality Pool and Snooker Tables that can be customised to suit what’s best for you. When deciding on the most appropriate table for you, first you must consider which game type you wish to play on your slate bed pool table. Below are the various game types that we can offer, please read this section before purchasing from us to ensure clarity in the game type you are wanting.

The most popular games types that we offer would be English Pool Tables, then American Pool Tables, followed by Snooker Tables. If you need any further help on the differences, then please do get in touch and we’ll gladly advise.

English Pool

English Pool is typically played on a 6′ (6’ being the “standard” size) or 7′ Table with small 2inch (50.8mm) balls, hence has smaller pockets when compared to American pool. If you would be looking for a 5′, 6′ or 7′ table in your Pool room, we would recommend the English Pool version of the game being the best suited.

American Pool:

American Pool is typically played on a 7′, 8′ or 9′ Table with larger 2 1/4inch (57mm) balls, therefore larger pockets. The game of Nine ball is also typically played on an American Pool Table. If you would like a 8′ or 9′ Pool table we recommend you choose an American Pool Table.


Snooker is typically played on a 12′ table however if you can not fit such a big table in your Snooker Room you can have a Snooker table made as small as 6′.
Snooker balls are 52.5mm hence the pockets on a snooker table are quite small in comparison to American Pool making it a harder game to master.


A Carom table has no pockets, hence an unusual version of Billiards, however it is a traditional version of the game originating in France in the 18th century. Carom balls are 61.5mm.

Russian Pyramid:

Russian Pyramid is officially played on a 12′ table, but again can be played on anything from a 7′ Table. The Pockets on a Russian Pyramid table are extremely tight, where the corner pockets are only 4-5mm wider than the diameter of the balls.


If you are looking for a version of billards table that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

Ball Sizes

To better help you understand the various game types we offer, below is an image of the balls that are associated with each game type. Starting with the first ball, being the smallest, for English pool, all the way up to the largest ball, which is used in a game of Russian Pyramid.

Please familiarise yourself with both the game types and their corresponding ball sizes before purchasing one of our Pool or Snooker Tables. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!


Below is an image showing an English, Snooker and American Pool Ball to help you visualise the size difference between the various game ball types


Pool Table Sizes

At Luxury Pool Tables we offer a wide range of table sizes allowing us to fully cover all of your pool table needs when it comes game types or potentially limited space.

Below you will find our helpful Table Size Guide showing the exact dimensions of our table sizes, ranging from 5ft to 12ft, as well as our minimum recommended room sizes to comfortably accommodate one of our Luxury Pool Tables in your games room.

If English Pool is your game, then please do bear in mind that our 6ft table size is considered a standard or competition sized English pool table. It has the total dimensions of 209cm x 119cm and so it can also be referred to as a 7ft English pool table as in reality it is actually around 6ft 10inches, we refer to the 6ft as in the playing area which is 180cm x 90cm.

For our 8ft and 9ft sized Pool Tables, we would recommend playing American Pool on these, as American Pool is played with larger balls and pockets, hence a larger table is required otherwise the game would be too easy! From our 10ft tables and upwards, we suggest being used for Snooker, Carom or Russian Pyramid. However, these are only our suggestions, you can choose the table size and game type to suit you.


Multi-use Pool Tables

When designing your perfect home or workspace we know that utilising the space is key, that’s why all of our Luxury Pool Tables can double-up as a Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table. Our Table Tennis Tops are a simple yet effective way to quickly turn your Luxury Pool Table into a high-quality Table Tennis Table. The tops come in 2 sections and have disks underneath to ensure they are stable when in use, they are simply placed on and off the table when required making the transition swift.

The Table Tennis Tops are available in three different sizes to match your pool table size, and in a Black, White or Grey colour. Included in the price of the tops will be a retractable net, 2 bats and 3 balls.

To gain further use from your pool table, we offer a wide range of pool dining tables that can be used as your day-to-day dining table then easily revert back to a pool table to entertain family and friends. We provide a separate set of dining tops that work in the same way as the table tennis tops and are simply placed on and off the table when needed. To view all of our pool dining table ranges, please click here.


Modern Pool Dining Table, with matching oak dining tops.


Our Outdoor Pool Table, with the Table Tennis Top

Pool Table Heights

When buying a pool table, a key thing to bear in mind is the height of the table as this can sometimes be overlooked. A high-quality pool table should have a height of around 74cm to 76cm, this is the measurement from the floor to the top of the playing surface/slate, hence all of our Luxury Pool Tables are made to this height to ensure a brilliant gameplay.

Keeping a pool tables height in mind is even more important if you’re interested in a Pool Dining Table because pool and dining are done at different heights! A standard height dining table is typically around 76cm from the floor to the top of the table, whereas a pool dining table is around 80-82cm from the floor to the top of the dining tops. Hence this is something to consider if you were planning to use standard height dining chairs/benches (these are around 45cm) with a pool dining table as you may notice this height difference.

To help overcome this and offer the absolute best of both worlds, we have two great ways to offer the most comfortable dining experience whilst maintaining a high-quality pool table. Firstly, we offer a range of matching benches that can be made with slightly longer legs taking the benches to a height of 50cm which then raise you up slightly to compensate for the higher height of the pool dining table.

Secondly, we have an innovative Rise and Fall System which is a mechanism that is only available on our Contemporary and Slimline Pool Tables that lifts and lowers the height of the pool dining table between the ideal dining (76cm) and pool playing heights (82cm) using a gas system in the legs of the tables. Therefore, if you were wanting to use standard height dining chairs/benches with your pool diner, then our Contemporary or Slimline Pool Tables would be the ideal choice.

Wood & Cloth Options

We offer two top of the range pool table cloths for you to choose from, each with lots of colour options. Firstly, the Hainsworth Smart cloth which is a napped style of cloth and is most appropriate to use when playing English pool and Snooker. The second cloth that we offer is Simonis and this is a speed cloth which is standard for American pool tables.

Across our ranges, the vast majority of them are made from solid wood meaning they can all be stained in our stunning wood colours which can be seen in the chart below. For those pool tables that have a stainless steel frame, these can instead be made in any RAL colour of your choosing so there is lots of choice there!

If you would like to receive some physical wood and cloth colour samples then we would be happy to post some out for you, just drop us an email or call and we can get this sorted for you.

Please flick through this carousel to see our wood and cloth colour charts.

Custom Options

Throughout all of our Luxury Pool Table ranges, each table has a number of ways that it can be customised, from different wood and cloth colours to various leg and frame designs. With such a high level of design options across all of our pool tables we truly believe we can create the perfect pool table to match your desires.

We offer tables with a more traditional feel as well as some ranges with highly modernised and unique designs, so have got you covered whatever your tastes!

With the above being said, if you do have an exact pool table design in mind that isn’t quite encapsulated in our ranges, then we can have a table made fully bespoke for you. We have an excellent craftsmen team who will hand make your personally designed bespoke table to meet your design. If you are interested in Luxury Pool Tables creating your ideal bespoke Pool or Snooker Table, then please contact us with your ideas, and any images that you have created or found to help us visualise your plans.


Contemporary Pool Dining Table with matching benches, and a bespoke designed cloth


Our Bespoke “Cantilever” Pool Table that our expert team crafted from scratch!

Pool Table Slates

The most vital component of a pool table to truly ensure an excellent gameplay is the playing surface, that’s why here at Luxury Pool tables we use a very high quality Slate Bed for all of our pool tables. In our opinion, we use the very best slate on the market to ensure the perfect roll.

The thickness of slate varies slightly across our ranges and sizes, as to ensure our Pool Dining Tables offer the most leg room we use a 19mm slate for these, then for our other ranges we use a 25mm thick slate. For our larger snooker tables, we will use a 44mm slate as the bigger the span a slate has to cover, the more strength/thickness is require to maintain the stability throughout.


All of our Luxury Pool Tables come with our complimentary Basic Accessories Pack which is included in the price of our tables, this pack includes 4 x cues, balls, plastic triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks so you’ll have everything you need right away to start playing.

We do also offer an upgraded Premium Accessories pack which is a £200 extra but the items included in this pack actually retail for a lot more than this! Our Premium Pack includes 4 x higher quality cues, Aramith Premium Pool Balls, matching oak cue rack, matching oak triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks to best match your cloth colour.

Delivery and Installation

We offer a professional delivery and installation service for all mainland UK orders, with this our specialised pool table installers will bring the table to site, fully build the table in the desired room, ensure it is perfectly level and then take away all the packaging, leaving the table ready to play!

If you are interested in one of our Luxury Pool Tables but are living abroad then we can definitely ship one of our tables out to you as well. For this, please do get in touch with us directly with your address/area so we can look into suitable shipping options for you.

We hope this Pool Table Buying Guide helps you when looking to purchase the perfect Luxury Pool Table for you! If there were any questions that weren’t answered here, then please contact us via e-mail or telephone, or feel free to drop into our Showroom in Woodstock. Please note, that our showroom is not the biggest, so please contact us before visiting to make sure you get the best out of your trip!

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