How much space do I need for a pool table?

The space required for a Pool Table is simply the playing area of the table plus the cue length all the way around this playing area. Having said this there are numerous sizes of tables (we sell everything from a 5’-12’ tables) and also a complete array of cue sizes.

If you are considering buying a Pool or Snooker table and you are unsure of the table size or game type that would best suit your needs, we would be happy to hear from you and we will gladly advise. We can also take your room dimensions from you and mock up your room on our special software so you can get a sense of perspective for each size of table and cue size.

If you are happy to measure up your own room and work this out for yourself then a good starting point is our chart below showing the various table sizes, playing areas and then space required for the different cue sizes available. Further down the page, you will find some further information to consider when making your decision.

English Pool is typically played on our 5′ and 6′ size of tables, but please note that these sizes are also known as 6′ and 7′ English Pool Tables. This is due to being able to measure a table by either the playing area (American method) or the total size of the table (English method), although neither is an exact science!
Our best selling size is our 7′ Pool Table in English Pool set up, although this is often known as an 8′ English Pool Table. American Pool Tables are typically 8′ or 9′ however our 7′ American Pool Tables are also very popular. 10′, 11′ and 12′ tables are typically built as Snooker, Carom or Russian Pyramid tables.

A full size pool / snooker cue is approximately are 57″ in length therefore ideally you would need at least this amount of space between the cushions and the surrounding walls or furniture. If however you have a room with some sort of obstacle that interferes with the play you can always use a shorter cue which may enable play around it. We have a selection of 52″, 48″ and even 36″ cues if you have a really tight spot!

Luxury Pool Tables offer a range of different pool table sizes and we can work out for you whether or not you can fit a pool table in any particular room. If you find that you do not have the space, then you should also consider our Outdoor Pool Table!

5 Foot
194cm x 111.5cm
165cm x 82.5cm
455cm x 373cm
433cm x 351cm
409cm x 327cm
6 Foot
209cm x 119cm
180cm x 90cm
470cm x 380cm
448cm x 358cm
424cm x 334cm
7 Foot
228cm x 128.5cm
199cm x 99.5cm
489cm x 390cm
467cm x 368cm
8 Foot
253cm x 141cm
224cm x 112cm
514cm x 402cm
9 Foot
284cm x 157cm
254cm x 127cm
544cm x 417cm
10 Foot
314cm x 172cm
284cm x 142cm
574cm x 432cm
11 Foot
350cm x 190cm
320cm x 160cm
610cm x 450cm
12 Foot (Russian Pyramid)
380cm x 205cm
350cm x 175cm
640cm x 465cm
12 Foot (Snooker)
385.6cm x 207.8cm
355.6cm x 177.8cm
646cm x 468cm