Luxury Pool Tables

Welcome to Michael Allen, Luxury Pool Tables. As the premier experts in the UK, we specialise in the art of crafting exclusive Pool and Snooker tables, tailored to your precise desires.

Below you can explore our exquisite array of English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, and Pool Dining Tables. Crafted from the finest premium materials, our tables feature high-quality slate beds, cushion rubbers, and cloth that meet the standards of professional competition, ensuring unrivalled excellence in construction, design, and gameplay.

Yet, our commitment to luxury transcends the world of pool and snooker. At Luxury Pool Tables, we invite you to delve into an extensive collection of gaming tables, including Table Tennis, Table Football, Backgammon, and more, transforming your vision of the perfect games room into a tangible reality.

We take immense pride in offering professional installation services for all our customers across mainland UK, ensuring your experience is truly extraordinary. Welcome to a world where luxury meets play.

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