The Modular Pool Table

The Modular Pool Table

The Modular Pool Table is our newest range added to our variety of Luxury Pool Tables. The Modular Pool Table is one the most customisable pool tables you will find on the market, it has 4 different leg designs, with 20 different leg positions. Having this much creativity will allow you to perfectly design your very own billiard table to suit your needs. As with all our Luxury Pool Tables, this table will be provided with a high-quality Brazilian slate bed to offer the best in terms of play quality.

This blog will focus on the key details of this high quality pool table to give you all the relevant information regarding the table.

Here is the Modular Pool Table made with leg position #16

Table Size

The Modular Pool Table is available in our 8′ and 9′ size and can be set up to play English Pool, American Pool or Snooker. For more information on the different game types please click the following link here. Please find the below table size guide which will show you the full dimensions of our high quality pool table as well as the recommended room size for this.

Our 8ft table size has the total dimensions of 253cm x 141cm and for this we recommend a minimum room size of 514cm x 402cm using full length 57″ cues. In regards to the 9ft size, this has the total dimensions of 284cm x 157cm and we recommend a room size of 544cm x 417cm again when using full length cues.

Above is our table size guide to show all our table sizes and room size recommendations

Leg Design Options

On the Modular Pool Table there are 4 leg designs with 20 different possibilities on the position of them, making this one of our most customisable tables you will find. Such freedom allows you to tailor this high quality pool table to meet your requirements.

On this table, each leg can be made in a different colour, or they can all be made in the same colour to match the main frame of the table to further give you the ability to design your very own luxury pool table. Leg design #1 is a solid rectangular block design which is very similar to leg #2 which has an empty window in the same rectangle shape. Option #3 is a half-moon cylindrical design and leg #4 is a pyramid style. For more information on these options please do get in touch and we can help you as best we can.

Please also find the below image showing the 20 different leg orientations that are possible with the leg designs. These are all tested and proven positions that ensure the table is as secure and solid as possible. There is a possibility to have different orientations, if you had an idea in mind on how you would like your legs positioned then please let us know and we can talk this through with our suppliers to see if this would work.

Leg Design Options

Leg Orientation Options

Frame Colour Options

Our Modular Pool Table can be finished in any of our ‘off the shelf’ wood colours or any RAL colour of your choosing. Such variations in colour gives a great opportunity to create a table that perfectly fits with any decor.

As mentioned above, it is also worth noting that each individual leg on this table can be made in a different colour! Again such a wide array of choices allows you to develop the very best pool table to suit your needs. Please find the below charts to show you our wood colours and some RAL colours that this table is able to be finished in.

‘Off the shelf’ wood colour options

A few examples of some RAL colour options 

Cloth Colour Options

We have 3 excellent options in terms of cloths that we can use for the Modular Pool Table, all of which are a very high-quality, competition style cloth ensuring the highest standard of game. The first is a Simonis cloth, this is a top of the range ‘Speed Cloth’ and is most commonly used on American Pool and Russian Pyramid tables. The second is a Hainsworth Smart cloth which is a high quality ‘Napped Cloth’ and it is usually found on English Pool and Snooker tables. This being said this doesn’t have to be the case, we are able to fit any of these cloths on any table.

The third option is to have a bespoke cloth made, for this we would require a high quality vectorised image of the design / logo you would like, we can then get mock-ups of the cloth made for you. Please note there is an additional cost and longer lead time for having a bespoke cloth.

Please find the below charts showing the Simonis and Hainsworth Smart cloth colour charts. If you would like to see any physical samples of these then please get in touch to let us know the best address to post them to.

Simonis Chart (recommended for American pool)

Hainsworth Smart Chart (recommended for English pool or Snooker)

We hope you found this blog on The Modular Pool Table helpful. For more information on this table or any of our Luxury Pool Tables, then please do get in contact with us through either email or by giving us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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