The New Elegant Pool Table

The Elegant Pool Table

By definition, the word elegant means “graceful and stylish in appearance or manner” which we believe is a very fitting name for our new range of pool table, The Elegant Pool Table.

Here at Luxury Pool Tables we offer a whole range of high quality pool tables and we now have a new table to add to this collection, that being the new Elegant Pool Table. This table matches our high games table standards and has a unique design. For more information on this pool table, please continue reading below.


The Elegant Pool Table 

Table Size

The Elegant Pool Table is currently only available in our 7ft table size. Our 7ft table has the total dimensions of 238cm x 128.5cm, with a total playing area of 199cm x 99.5cm. To accommodate one of these tables we would recommend a room size of 489cm x 390cm with full length (57″) pool cues. Please see the below chart showing these dimensions.

With this size of pool table, you would be able to have the table set up for either English or American pool. Both games types would play a great game of pool on this table size. If you are unsure on the main differences between these to game types then please click the following link, this will take you to a separate blog we have made highlighting the differences: The Difference between American and English Pool. The main differences between them is the ball and pocket size, American pool uses larger balls and pockets compared to English pool.

Above chart shows our 7ft pool table dimensions and the room size we recommend

Design Features

The design of The Elegant Pool Table has been made using special 3D technology that is similar to what is used in the car design industry, this has resulted in a truly unique appearance. The unique shape and visual lightness of the table will make this item the centre piece in any room.

The table has been purposely built with large cushions to ensure a perfect ball rebound. On this model, we have used high quality soft pocket liners which ensures great and calm acceptance of the balls when potted. The depth of middle pockets are the same as corner pockets, this is the same as in professional billiard tables resulting in a high quality game. To maintain the slim shape of this table, the elastic nets have been smartly hidden underneath corpus finish of the table to make sure they are not visible.

In terms of the colour options for the table, you have the option to choose any RAL colour you would like. There are three sections on the table that you can choose the colour for, those being the base, mid frame and the top cushions. Such colour choice gives great opportunity to create a table that perfectly fits with any colour scheme.

This video highlights the unique and futuristic design of The Elegant Pool Table

Dining Aspect

Thanks to the futuristic and slim design of the Elegant Pool Table it can double up as a pool dining table. The shape of this table allows for a very comfortable dining experience when using this table as a pool diner.

The dining tops come in two sections and are simply placed on top of the table and then interlock to ensure stability. There are two options for the dining top itself, either a matching painted dining top (10mm thick) or a clear shatterproof glass dining top (6mm thick). Both dining tops will be specially made for The Elegant Pool Table to perfectly match the geometric table design. The below image shows the Elegant Pool Dining Table with a matching dining top.


We hope you found this blog on our new Elegant Pool Table helpful. If you are interested in the Elegant Pool Table or you have any further questions then please do get in contact with us through either email or by giving us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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