Outdoor Pool Table




Our Outdoor Pool Table shares the chic design similar with our Contemporary Pool Table but tailored to thrive in the outside environment. Crafted specifically for outdoor living, this table seamlessly doubles as both a striking piece of outdoor furniture and a functional pool dining table. Elevate your outdoor space with a touch of style and versatility.

Specially Crafted for Outside Use:
Crafted for outdoor resilience, our Outdoor Pool Table stands strong against the elements with key modifications. Some of the key changes are listed below.

  • Internal construction switched to solid birch coated with UV-resistant decking oil
  • Stainless steel fittings for cushions and legs
  • UV-resistant plastic leg levellers
  • UV-resistant plastic corners for cushions

Dining Aspect:
Enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, our Outdoor Pool Table comes complete with dining tops, included in the table’s price. These tops not only prevent water pooling in the middle of the waterproof cover which contributes to the upkeep of the table, but also allow the table to easily double-up as a pool diner. Even if you hadn’t initially considered using it as a pool dining table, these tops add a practical touch. Take your pick between a clear glass dining top or a high-pressure laminate (HPL) dining top – both options come at the same price.

Multi-Game Capabilities:
Beyond its primary role as a pool table, the Outdoor Pool Table easily transforms into a Table Tennis Table. Our optional table tennis tops come in three different sizes to suit your space. These tops securely anchor to the table with three blocks, ensuring stability during gameplay. The package includes a net, two bats, and three balls, so you’re ready to enjoy a game of table tennis from the get-go. Please do bear in mind that the Table Tennis Tops will need to be stored indoors.

Uncompromising Quality:
Like all our Luxury Pool Tables, the Outdoor Pool Table boasts a high-quality Brazilian slate bed, guaranteeing an exceptional playing experience.

Custom Options & Colours:
While the customisation options for the Outdoor Pool Table are somewhat more streamlined compared to our other ranges, you can still choose from a variety of wood and cloth colours outlined in the charts below. Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the available options to ensure you find the perfect table to meet your needs. For more insights on game types and table sizes, check out our comprehensive Table Buying Guide.

Cloth Options:
When it comes to cloth options, we highly recommend the UV-resistant Simonis 760 cloth – a premium choice that doesn’t absorb water, allowing for use in rain or snow. Available in Petroleum Blue or Slate Grey, it’s the epitome of outdoor perfection. If you fancy a different colour, our alternative suggestion is the Strachan Superpro with SpillGuard, offering robust protection and longevity with proper care. Explore the colour options for the Strachan Superpro cloth below. Elevate your outdoor experience with cloth that stands up to the elements!

Accessories Included:
With each table, we provide a complimentary accessories pack featuring 4 cues, balls, a triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks that match your table cloth. Alternatively, upgrade to our premium accessories pack for a discounted rate of £200. This pack includes 4 high-quality cues, Aramith balls, a matching cue rack, triangle, table brush, and 12 chalks to match your table cloth.

Benches Available:
If you require benches to complement your Pool Dining Table, we offer a selection of benches designed to match your table. More information can be found on our furniture page.

Lead Times:
Our custom-made pool tables typically have lead times of around 8-10 weeks. Please contact us to confirm current lead times, as they may vary. Occasionally, we have stock tables available for quicker delivery as well.

Delivery and Installation:
We offer a professional installation service for all our mainland UK orders, our professional team will bring the table into site, build the table, ensure it is perfectly level and take away all the packaging. Delivery and installation costs vary, so please reach out to us for a personalised quote.

All our tables are custom-made by Bilijardai, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and quality.

Prices (inc 20% VAT)

7′: £ 5,050
8′: £ 5,350

Game Types

English Pool
American Pool

Dining Top Options

HPL (Laminate)
Glass (clear, frosted or frosted with detail)

* Either option is included in the price.

Wood Colour Options

Simonis UV Resistant Outdoor Cloth

In terms of the cloth, we recommend our UV resistant Simonis 760 cloth, this is a top of the range cloth and does not absorb water making it possible for use in the rain and snow. This cloth is perfect for outdoor use as it has been specially coated with UV resistance making this the ideal cloth for any environment. The Simonis Outdoor Cloth has been designed with longevity in mind and is available in a Petroleum Blue or Slate Grey colour, please find the below chart to show you these two colour options.

If you would prefer a different cloth colour, our other recommendation would be the Strachan Superpro with SpillGuard, this cloth still offers a good level of protection and if looked after it should keep well for a long time. The colour options for the Strachan Superpro cloth can be found below.

Strachan SuperPro with Spillguard cloth options

As mentioned above, our first recommendation of cloth for outdoor use would be the Simonis UV Resistant Outdoor Cloth but if you were looking for another great choice with more colour options then we would recommend the Strachan SuperPro with Spillguard.

Table Dimensions

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

7ft (228cm x 128.5cm), 8ft (253cm x 141cm)

Game Type

English Pool, American Pool

Dining Top

HPL Dining Top, Glass Dining Top

Wood Colour

#31 (Natural Oak), #32 (Limed Oak), #33 (Grey Oak)

Cloth Colour

Simonis UV Petroleum Blue, Simonis UV Slate Grey, Strachan Olive Green, Strachan Yellow Green, Strachan Black, Strachan Burgundy, Strachan Grey, Strachan Electric Blue, Strachan Blue, Strachan Purple, Strachan Red

Accessory Pack (details below)

Basic Accessory Pack, Premium Accessory Pack