Ideas for the Ultimate Mancave/Games Room

Ideas for the Ultimate Mancave/Games Room

At Luxury Pool Tables we have a wide range of high quality pool tables, we offer a variety of pool dining tables all the way to full size snooker tables. This being said, we also have numerous other games tables that can be purchased alongside our luxury pool tables to create the ultimate games room/mancave.

This blog will give a brief overview of our Luxury Pool Tables as well as focusing on our other ranges of Luxury Games Tables to show you the full range of tables we offer. If you have any questions or need any further information then please do get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

Our Modern Pool Table looks stunning here in this amazing home bar, the table is made with metal detailing in the frame and legs.

Our Luxury Pool Table Ranges

We offer a wide range of high quality pool tables and we are constantly working with our suppliers to further this range in attempt to meet everyones wants and desires. The quality of tables is something we pride ourselves on, with the vast majority of our customer’s expectations being exceeded when they receive our tables. We use the very best materials to ensure a great game play, for example we use solid wood, competition style cloths and the best slate bed on the market.

Please see the below images of our Modern, Contemporary and Traditional Pool Tables in great home bars/games room environments. All of our luxury pool tables have various custom options allowing you to perfectly design the ideal table for your space. We are also able to have bespoke pool tables made if you have a very specific idea you would like to be brought to life. For more information on our pool tables then please do get in contact.

Our Modern Pool Table designed perfectly to match the surroundings of this mancave

The Contemporary Pool Table here is made with a two-tone colour design

Here our Traditional Pool Table is partnered alongside the RS Wood Football Table in this home games room

Luxury Football Tables

One of the other luxury games tables we offer is a range of Luxury Football Tables. We offer 4 different types of football tables that can be customised in many different ways, the ranges we offer are the RS #3 Wood Football Table, RS #2 Football Table, RS Dining Table and the RS #3 Football Table.

Please find the below images to show some examples of our football tables, these would be ideal to partner alongside one of our pool tables in a games room or mancave as they do not require a lot of space. Like our pool tables, these Luxury Football Tables are highly customisable and can be finished in a range of colours with numerous possibilities of the pitch and players. For further detail on these tables then please click the following link here.


Here you will see the RS#3 Wood Football Table in the Gold Edition, this stunning games table is plated in 24k gold


The RS#3 Football Table is a skinny, light design made from metal to ensure stability and is available in a wide range of colours

Luxury Table Tennis Tables

We provide an array of different Table Tennis tables, these unique tables are a refreshing change from the table tennis norm. With a high-quality finish and stunning look, these tables are a great addition to any home or games room. These tables can even be kept outside thanks to being built from weatherproof materials and the legs are made from iroko wood. These tables come with free accessories which include 2 bats and a pack of 3 balls.

We do also offer the option to turn any of our Luxury Pool Tables into a multi-games table allowing you to play both pool and table tennis on the one table, this is done through our additional Table Tennis Tops. The tops are available in 3 different sizes to fit your room and table, the top comes in two separate sections and have 3 blocks underneath each which fit against the cushion of your pool table to ensure that the tops don’t move whilst being used. Included with the Table Tennis Tops is a net, 4 bats and 6 balls so you are ready to play a great game of table tennis from the start.

Our Table Tennis Dining Table can be seen here made in White to match the room, this table can also be used for outdoor use

Here is our Table Tennis Tops that allows you to turn your pool table into a table tennis table, these tops are simply placed on and off the table

Other Luxury Games Tables

As well as our Pool Tables, Football Tables and Table Tennis Tables, we also have a variety of other different games such as Air Hockey, Backgammon, and Chess. We do also offer some other outdoor games, for example Teqball, Kubb, Croquet and Bat and Ball Sets. Any of these games would be ideal to accompany one of our pool tables to create the ultimate games room or mancave it just depends which games you want to play! To see the full range of luxury games tables we offer then please click the following link here.

Please find the below images to show you some of these luxury games tables. All of these games tables maintain the high quality of product that we offer to ensure the very best game play. For more information on any of our games/tables then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.


The Teqball One Table is a new and upcoming sport that can be used to play 5 different games on

This beautiful Art Chess Set is styled in the work of the artist Darren John to give a contemporary twist on the classic look

Our Air Hockey Table is a stylish twist on the usual design and has been built with longevity in mind to ensure lasting high quality games

Here is our modern Backgammon Table which would be the perfect addition to any games room or bar

We hope you enjoyed this blog showing some Ideas for the Ultimate Games Room/Mancave and you now have a better overview of the full games we offer. For more information on any of our Luxury Pool Tables or Luxury Games Tables, then please do get in contact with us through either email or by giving us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

We will look forward to hearing from you!

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