Recent Pool and Games Table Installations

Recent Pool and Games Table Installations

All year round, we are always installing our Luxury Pool Tables and this blog is dedicated to show some examples of our recently installed pool tables as well as some other games tables. We use a specialist pool table installation team for every one of our jobs to ensure that the table is left ready to play from the start. Our professional team of installers are experts in assembling our luxury pool tables and will do all of the work for you!

Our pool tables all arrive completely broken down and so 9 times out of 10, we should be able to deliver them to any spaces dependant on the access limitations. If your desired room has potentially complicated access then please get in touch with us providing images or a video showing the tight spots and we will be able to assess the options.

New Modular Pool Table Installations

The latest range of pool table to add to our collection is the new, Modular Pool Table. This table is one of our most customisable luxury pool tables as it can be finished in any RAL colour as well as having 4 different leg designs along with 20+ various leg positions. Having such a high level of design options allows you to perfectly match the Modular table to any environment in any colour.

Our Modular Pool Table range is available in our 8ft (253cm x 141cm) and 9ft (284cm x 157cm) sizes and it can also be set up to play either English pool, American pool or Snooker. Like all of our luxury pool tables, the Modular will also be supplied with a very high quality slate bed which in our opinion, is the best on the market to ensure an exceptional gameplay.

Please see the below images of two Modular Pool Tables that we have recently installed. If you have any questions on this range then please do get in touch with us.


Our very first Modular Pool Table installation; this table has a black frame (RAL 9006) with a Hainsworth Elite Pro Bankers Grey cloth and leg position #16


Another example of one of our stunning Modular Pool Tables. This table has been made with a white frame (RAL 9003), Strachan SuperPro Purple Cloth and leg orientation #15

Outdoor Pool Table Installations

Our always popular Outdoor Pool Table is specially designed and constructed to be able to survive the outdoor conditions all year round. The Outdoor table is available in 3 different colours with a variety of options for the cloth although we always recommend the Simonis UV Resistant Outdoor Cloth. Please find the below images to show some of our Outdoor Pool Tables that have recently been delivered and assembled.

We include a set of dining tops with our Outdoor table as standard as they help with the upkeep of the table because they prevent water pooling in the middle of the waterproof cover, which is also included. These dining tops allow the table to double-up as a pool dining table and with our new Outdoor Benches, you will be able to have a comfortable dining experience whilst maintaining a great aesthetic as the benches can be made in the matching wood colour to the table.


Here is our Outdoor Pool Table made in our oak colour #33, which we say is a grey oak finish, with a Simonis Slate Grey UV Resistant Outdoor Cloth.


Our Outdoor Pool Table has been designed to perfectly match the colours of this outside setting in our oak colour #32 (limed oak finish) with a Strachan Superpro Black Cloth with SpillGuard.

Recent Pool Dining Table Installs

We have a wide range of luxury pool dining tables offering a dual purpose for our tables to get the most use out of them. When looking for a pool diner the most important things to bear in mind are the heights and the leg room as these are the defining factors in what makes a great pool dining table. We have therefore designed our pool diners with these factors in mind to ensure the best possible dining experience through our Rise and Fall System, which lifts and lowers the height of our Contemporary and Slimline ranges between the ideal dining and pool playing height, as well as our matching pool table benches which can be made with raised legs. We have also constructed all of our pool dining tables with the thinest frames possible to ensure the most leg room.

Please click here to see our full range of luxury pool dining tables as well as some example images below of recent installations we have done.

Shown here is our Contemporary Pool Table which is one of our best options for a pool dining table due to the slim frame and the option of our rise and fall system.

This is the Modern Pool Table range which is highly customisable with lots of different design options, as you can see it has been designed excellently to suit this home cinema.

Other Pool Table Installs

As well as pool dining tables, we do also offer a range of stand alone pool tables, to see our full range of pool tables please click here. We are able to have all of our luxury pool table ranges set up to play a range of billiard games, for example English pool, American pool, Snooker etc. Each of our pool tables can be made in a range of sizes each with their own different colour and design options allowing you to truly create the ideal billiard table for your space.

If you see a particular range or image of our pool tables that you like then the best thing to do is get in touch with us through either a call or email, and we will be able to confirm all the design options on that table for you.

Seen here is our Traditional Pool Table made in our oak colour #12 with a Hainsworth Smart Silver cloth to complement this room beautifully.

This is one of our Professional Home Pool Tables which like all of our ranges, has very high quality cushions and the best slate on the market.

Table Tennis and Football Table Installations

Here at Luxury Pool Tables, we don’t just provide high quality pool tables, we do also have a range of other luxury games tables like table tennis and table football. We have a variety of different designs of table tennis and football tables which can all be customised to match your décor. In terms of the Table Tennis Tables, we offer three different ranges which can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. To view these table tennis tables please click here.

Our luxury Football Tables are excellent games tables that can be added to make the ultimate games room or can be the centre piece of a living space with our Football Dining Tables. The football tables we offer all have various design options, for example, player formation, kit colour, background colour and many more. To best design your custom-made luxury football table please do get in touch with us.

One of our Table Tennis Dining Tables has been paired here with our Modern Pool Table to make the ultimate games room!

The RS# Dining Football Table is a spectacular piece of furniture that will benefit any space and can be used as a dining table as well to get the most use out of the table.

We hope you found this blog showing some of our recent pool table installations enjoyable. For more information on any of our Luxury Pool Tables or Luxury Games Tables, then please do get in contact with us through email or by giving us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We will look forward to hearing from you!

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