Combined Pool and Snooker Tables

Combined Pool and Snooker Tables

At Luxury Pool Tables we provide many multi-use Pool Tables to get the most use out of them, for example pool dining tables, as well as table tennis tops. However, this blog will be focusing on tables that are compatible for both English or American Pool as well as Snooker.

Pool and Snooker are vastly popular and therefore, being able to play both on one table is a popular demand. However, as they are two different games, small compromises need to be made in order to play both games on one table. We believe our 8ft table is the best solution, in order to play pool and snooker on a single table, this will be explained further below.

Table Size

Arguably the biggest difference between Pool and Snooker is the standard or normal table size. English Pool is most commonly played on tables from 5ft to 7ft, on the other hand, more common Snooker table sizes range from 9ft to 12ft. American Pool tables are played on 7ft to 9ft tables, meaning if a combined American Pool and Snooker is what you are looking for, then there is potential to have a slightly larger table. Although, the table needs to be the ideal size between the two games to ensure the best quality of each game.

If you were looking to do this, we would recommend an 8ft table to ensure that the table is the perfect size to get a great game of English or American Pool and Snooker. We believe the 8ft table is the ideal size for a multi-game table because a table smaller may decrease the quality of Snooker. Our 8ft tables have a total size of 253cm x 141cm, with a playing area of 224cm x 112cm, hence, for a table of this size, we would suggest using our 57″ cues for both Pool and Snooker. The 8ft table is also a great size as it is big enough to get high quality games as well as not being so large it becomes a burden.

Ball and Pocket sizes

Another one of the differences in the two games, is the ball sizes. English Pool is played using 2″ balls, where as Snooker is played using slightly larger 2 1/16″ balls. American Pool uses even larger balls, they are 2 1/4″. Below is an image showing the difference between the three balls. There is also a small difference in the pocket sizes across the three games, because Snooker and American pool uses larger balls, they subsequently have larger pockets, in comparison to English Pool.

Therefore, to overcome these differences, we can set the table up for either pool variation and offer either smaller 2″ Snooker balls to play on an English Pool table, or larger 2 1/4″ Snooker balls to play on an American Pool table. This allows both games to be played on the same table. These smaller or larger Snooker balls will be able to fit in English Pool pockets and American Pool pockets, whilst maintaining a high standard of game.

Please contact us if this is something that interests you so we can arrange this!


Above is an image showing the size of English Pool, Snooker and American Pool balls

Space Concerns

We recommend a room to be 514cm x 402cm to fit an 8ft table with 57″ cues. Therefore, if an 8ft table is too big for your space available, then we can make this multi-game table in a smaller size. However, please note a smaller table is likely to decrease the quality of the game of Snooker. Although, on smaller tables, snooker can be played with fewer red balls to make the table less crowded with balls. We would not recommend a table smaller than 7ft to do this.

This is just advisory and what we believe to be the best option to play pool and snooker on one table. If you wish to have a smaller or even bigger table to play the two games on, then the decision is yours.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries!

Slate and Cloths

When buying any Billiard table, the quality of the bed of the table is a concern. Therefore, all of our tables come with a high quality, top of the range slate bed that is manufactured in Brazil and they are largely regarded as the market leader.

As well as this, the cloth is a big aspect of an excellent game of both pool or snooker. We offer two types of cloth, a Hainsworth Smart Cloth which is a napped cloth meaning the gameplay is slower, and is best suited to English Pool and Snooker. The second cloth we offer is a Simonis Cloth, this is a speed cloth meaning balls move faster across the table, and is better suited to American Pool. Both cloths come in a variety of great colours, these can be seen below. Although, the cloth choice is yours to make! Alternatively, we can create a bespoke cloth for you, if this is of interest please contact us.

Hainsworth Smart Cloth colours

Simonis Cloth colours

Most Compatible Tables

In truth, all of our tables can be made in 8ft sizes, apart from the Industrial range, as that can only be a 7ft. Therefore, any of of the remaining table ranges will be a successful games table to play both Pool and Snooker. Below are a few of our most popular tables, to give you a brief idea about some of the tables we offer.

To view all of our Pool and Snooker Table ranges, please click the following link: Pool and Snooker Tables

Also, please note if you are looking to gain more multi-use from a table, then many of our pool and snooker tables can double up as a pool dining table. Also, the majority of our high quality tables can be bought with an additional Table Tennis Top to turn your Pool or Snooker Table into a table tennis table.

Modern and Contemporary Tables

The Modern and Contemporary Pool or Snooker Table are arguably our most popular two tables, and are both great high quality tables. Examples of both of these tables can be seen below, and would make for a great combined English Pool and Snooker table. These tables have a range of customisation options, including wood type and colour, along with cloth colour and leg design. The Modern and Contemporary Table ranges can both double up to be pool and snooker dining tables.

More information on these tables can be found on our website, or we can supply you with the information through dropping us a quick e-mail.

Modern Pool and Snooker Table in Oak #8 with a Hainsworth Smart Silver Cloth.

Contemporary Pool and Snooker Table in Oak #E4 with a Hainsworth Smart Orange Cloth

Traditional and Rustic Tables

The Traditional and Rustic table ranges are our more popular snooker tables, but can be set up for both pool and snooker. These two ranges are our more classically designed Billiard table. Although, the two tables come with a lot of customisation including wood type and colour, along with cloth colour and leg and pocket design, to put your own twist on the table.

More information on these tables can be found on our website, or we can supply you with the information through dropping us a quick e-mail.


Traditional Pool and Snooker Table in Oak #0 with a Hainsworth Smart Silver Cloth


Rustic Pool and Snooker Table in Oak #E4 with a Simonis Slate Grey Cloth

We hope you found this blog useful in combing pool and snooker into one table. If you do have any further questions or queries then please feel free to contact us, through either email or by giving us a call!

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