The New Skinny Pool Dining Table

The New Skinny Pool Dining Table

We understand that pool tables aren’t the easiest of things to physically fit in a home or any building for that matter! Therefore, we have designed our new Skinny Pool Dining Table with that in mind. The new Skinny Pool Dining Table is a fully functioning, high quality pool table, as well as an effective dining table.

The Skinny Pool Dining Table has been purposely built to meet a popular demand of ours, that being, wanting a pool table but not having the adequate space needed. Hence, we have come up with what we believe to be the best solution. The Skinny Pool Dining Table is a unique table that shares the same design as our Contemporary Pool Table, but is half the width!


Skinny Pool Dining Table in Oak #13 with a Hainsworth Smart Slate Cloth

Table Size

The table is only available in an 8ft long English Pool Table size, this is because we believe it to be the perfect size for a table narrower than the norm. The Skinny Pool Dining Table is 253cm(L) x 75.6cm(W). This makes the table a lot easier to fit into rooms, as even the smallest table we offer requires a room with the following dimensions, 4.55m x 3.73m (with 57″ cues). However, the space required to accommodate the Skinny Pool Dining Table is a minimum room size of 5.2m x 3.4m, with full length 57″ cues. In addition, using shorter 52″ cues, the minimum room size required is ​​4.7m x 2.9m.

We believe this table size is the ideal compromise because having the narrower width means the table has to have a relatively larger length in order for the concept to be successful. Therefore, the 8ft length is the best solution as it maintains a large enough surface area in order to play an entertaining game of billiards. As well as this, it ensures that there is plenty of room for added comfort when used as a dining table.

Below is a table showing the table size and the required room dimensions.

Skinny Pool Dining Table Dimensions

Games To Play

As this table is long and narrow, we found it more appropriate to have this table solely set up as an English Pool Table, instead of an American Pool Table. If you are unsure about the difference between American Pool and English Pool, we have a separate blog dedicated to that topic. We believe the English version of pool compensates the narrower table much better, due to it having smaller balls and pockets. Therefore, more surface area is available to play with as the balls don’t take up as much room on the table. This makes it possible to still play an excellent, yet unorthodox game of pool.

With this being said, you can still play a variety of other games on this fun and unique Skinny Pool Table. For example, this table makes for a great 7, 8 and even 9 ball table, as well as the obvious English Pool. The Skinny Pool Dining Table offers a new and different way of playing the conventional billiard games, and hence is a really enjoyable table to play on.


Skinny Pool Dining Table playing 9 ball

Dining Aspect

One of the key features of the Skinny Pool Dining Table, is the comfort when being used as a dining table. The Skinny Pool Dining Table can accommodate between 8-12 people, depending on the seating in place. Therefore, this table is a great and practical multi-use table that can be used on a day-to-day basis.

As well as being a high quality pool table, the Skinny Pool Dining Table has been built with dining in mind. Hence, the table has the following heights:

Skinny Pool Dining Table Heights:
Floor to dining top: 797mm
Floor to frame: 680mm
Floor to playing surface: 740mm

The height of the table is very slightly above the average dining height, 4cm taller in fact, this is a compromise to ensure a high quality game of pool is maintained. To overcome this we do offer higher matching oak benches that will raise the dining position to meet the higher table level. We would highly recommend these benches as without them it sometimes can feel unnatural, although, cushions can potentially be useful.

Please note, that the Skinny Pool Dining Table can be bought as a stand alone pool table, it does not come with a dining top as standard. This dining aspect is optional, and the dining tops we offer are an oak veneered dining top matching the table colour, and a clear or frosted glass dining top.


Skinny Pool Dining Table fully set as a dining table

Cloth & Wood Type

As the Skinny Pool Dining Table can only be set up as an English Pool Table, the best cloth to use is a napped cloth. A napped cloth is the most appropriate to use on this table because it increases the friction of the balls and hence the balls move slower. This works well with the Skinny Pool Dining Table, as it is a narrower table having slower gameplay will allow for precise shots and increase the overall quality of the game.

The napped cloth that we offer is a Hainsworth Smart napped Cloth. The Hainsworth Smart Cloth comes in a range of colours, these can be seen below. This is a high quality, top of the range cloth.

The Skinny Pool Dining Table can be made from one of three woods, either birch, ash or oak. The main difference between the three is the level of grain visible in the wood, birch has very little grain, ash has slightly more, and oak having the most, hence is the most popular choice. Again, like the cloth, there are numerous wood colours for you to choose from, these can be seen below.

As well as deciding the wood and cloth colour, you can also choose between the three different leg designs to further customise the Skinny Pool Dining Table. Leg design #1, is a plain squared leg, leg design #2 has two grooves on the outer facing edge and leg design #3 has metal detailing on the majority of the leg. These can be seen below.

The Skinny Pool Table does not come with the option of a ball return system, instead uses high quality elasticated pockets. This is to ensure maximum leg room and comfort when used for dining. The pockets can hold up to 10 balls in each and are a simple yet effective design.


Wood Colour Chart (same colours for each wood types)


Hainsworth Smart Cloth Colours

Leg Design Options

We hope you found this blog on our new Skinny Pool Dining Table useful. If you wish to see more about this table, through clicking the following link you will be taken to the Skinny Pool Dining Table product page: 

If you do have any further questions or queries then please feel free to contact us, through either email or by giving us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!

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