Luxury Snooker Table Guide

Luxury Snooker Table Guide

Here at Luxury Pool Tables we don’t just sell Pool Tables, we sell a range of high quality Billiard Tables! These include English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, Carom and Russian Pyramid. However, this post is solely aimed with Snooker in mind, with the purpose to better your understanding of Snooker, as well as giving insight into the Luxury Snooker Tables we offer.

This blog will focus on the following topics regarding Snooker; snooker table sizes, balls sizes and an overview of the Luxury Snooker Tables we sell. Firstly, you must understand the basic rules of snooker, below is a basic overview of the rules of Snooker.

The overall objective of Snooker is to use the white cue ball to pot the other balls in the correct sequence and ultimately score more points than your opponent in order to win the game. Players score one point for potting a red, after which they must nominate a colour for their next shot. Your first shot on every turn must be to hit a red with the cueball. If you pot that red, then you score 1 point and your next shot may be on any of the colours, the chosen ball must be stated before playing the shot. The red stays in the pocket. If you pot that colour, then you score the value of the colour and your next shot must be a red.

Snooker Table Sizes

Unlike pool tables, Snooker Tables require a much larger table size. A standard, full sized, competition Snooker Table is sized at 12ft in length. The reason behind the bigger table size is because snooker uses 22 balls in a full sized game, therefore tables must be larger to accommodate for the increased number of balls.

However, a 12ft Snooker Table isn’t the easiest of things to fit into a home or any building for that matter! The main issue arises when the room size is not big enough to fit a full sized Snooker Table in. Hence, we more commonly sell 9ft or 10ft Luxury Snooker Tables, which are still great tables to play an excellent game of snooker on. This being said, we do offer Snooker Tables in a range of sizes, from 9ft to 12ft, however, if space is a big issue then we have in the past done smaller sized Snooker Tables.

Therefore, we recommend contacting us before purchasing one of our slate bed Snooker Tables to ensure that the room size can fit a large snooker table in it.

Below are a two Snooker Tables we have previously sold, one being an 11ft table, the other a 9ft. Also, there is a table showing the specific dimensions of the Snooker Tables sizes as well as the recommended room size.


This is an 11ft Traditional Snooker Table in Oak #0 matt finish, with a Hainsworth Smart Slate cloth.


This is a 9ft Traditional Snooker Table in Oak colour #5, with a Hainsworth Smart Pewter Cloth


Above are the Snooker table sized dimensions, as well as the recommended room size to accommodate a Snooker Table

Ball and Pocket Sizes

Snooker balls are 2 1/16″ in size and are slightly larger than English Pool balls, yet smaller than American Pool balls. Whereas, English Pool balls are 2″ and American Pool balls are 2 1/4″. In a full sized game of snooker, there is: one white cue ball , 15 red balls worth one point each, and six balls of different colours : yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black. However, on smaller tables, snooker can be played with 6 or 10 red balls, to compensate for the smaller playing area.

A snooker table has six pockets, one at each corner and one at the centre of each of the longest side cushions. The pockets are around 86 mm (3.5″), depending on the table size.

Below is an image of the Aramith Snooker Balls we offer, as well as an image showing the difference in ball sizes for an English Pool ball, Snooker ball and an American Pool ball


Aramith 2 1/16 Inch Full Snooker Set


Here is an image to better your understanding of a Snooker ball size.

Our Luxury Snooker Table Ranges

Here at Luxury Pool Tables, we have two main Snooker Tables, those being the Traditional Snooker Table and the Rustic Snooker Table. The bed of a Snooker Table is extremely important, thus, all of our Pool and Snooker tables are made using a very high quality slate, from a top of the range Slate bed manufacturer in Brazil, which is largely requiring as the market leader in slate beds.

Traditional Snooker Table

Our Traditional Snooker Table is available in a range of sizes, for an effective snooker table we would recommend a table from 8ft upwards. However, as mentioned above, we can build Snooker tables in any size to fit the desired room, however it is worth noting that the smaller the table the playing area is lost and therefore, the number of balls being used will have to be reduced.

The Traditional Snooker Table is very customisable table, allowing the choice of wood type and colour, including Birch, Ash and solid Oak, cloth colour, as well as numerous frame designs and a vast selection of leg types. This allows what we call a Traditional looking table to be totally customised to suit the room. We offer a Hainsworth Smart cloth, which is a napped cloth. A napped cloth is most commonly found on a snooker table, and creates a slower gameplay in terms of how fast the balls move, in comparison to American Pool.


This is an image of a 10ft Traditional Snooker table in Oak colour #12 with a Hainsworth Smart Taupe cloth.

Rustic Snooker Table

The other Snooker table we offer is our Rustic Snooker Table. The Rustic Snooker Table is a great quality Snooker Table and like the Traditional, is available in a range of sizes, but the 8ft and upward sizes are better suited to Snooker tables.

The Rustic Snooker Table has a range of customisation options, firstly, it can be built in either high quality Ash or Soft wood, both with a variety of colour options. As well as this, with the Rustic Snooker Table, there is a selection of pocket designs to choose from to best fit the table theme you might be looking for. Furthermore, the cloth colour can be decided by you. We offer a Hainsworth Smart cloth, which is a napped cloth, a napped cloth is most commonly found on a snooker table and creates a lower paced gameplay compared to American Pool.


Above is an image of a 12ft Rustic Snooker Table

Other Ranges

However, this being said, we can set up our other ranges of billiard tables for snooker if space is a concern. For example, our Modern Pool Snooker table can be made as a 9ft table, also our Contemporary range can be made as an 8ft table. These would be a great compromises if you are wanting a snooker table in a confined space. The smaller than competition sized tables aren’t uncommon, and the tables make for a great game of snooker as all of tables use the same high quality slate bed. As well as this, some of our alternative ranges have the option to become a Snooker Dining Table to gain a multi use from it. The majority of our ranges are highly customisable as well as having the ability to be a pool or snooker table, please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

We hope you found this blog useful in gaining a better understanding of Snooker and the Snooker Tables we offer. If you do have any further questions or queries then please feel free to contact us, through either email or by giving us a call!