Bespoke Pool Table Cloths

Bespoke Pool Table Cloths


Here at Luxury Pool Tables, as well as doing bespoke pool tables, we can also print custom bespoke cloths. We can print any logo or design onto a cloth and have done both personal and company logos previously, please find examples of these below. However, please note if you are interested in getting copyrighted images printed on a cloth, we would need permission from them to do this.

If you would like a bespoke cloth for one of our high quality pool tables then please get in contact so we can get this arranged for you.


Our popular American Contemporary Pool Dining Table in Oak colour #13 with matching red faux leather benches and a bespoke cloth


This is our Outdoor Pool Dining Table with our company logo printed onto a bespoke cloth. This table is set up as an English Pool Table

Bespoke Cloths

Bespoke cloths are something we have done a lot of in the past and is a common request. All we require is a vectorised image of the design you would like printed on the cloth and the cloth background colour you would like. If you cannot get this type of image then a very high quality .jpeg could work, but a vectorised image is the preference, this is because the image would be blown up onto the cloth so a this style of image would ensure this doesn’t become pixelated. From here, we would then get some mock-ups of the bespoke cloth from the designer for you to see and then sign off.

It is worth noting that our bespoke cloths can only be made as ‘speed cloths’. This type of cloth is the norm for American Pool Tables, American Pool Tables differ to English Pool Tables simply through being played on a bigger table, having a faster cloth and having larger balls and pockets, to further understand the difference we have a separate blog specifically on this topic. Click here to view this blog. However, a speed cloth can be found on an English Pool Table, this would still be a high quality game and has something we have done in the past. We can also print on outdoor cloths, see the above image on the right as an example of this.


Above is our highly customisable Modern Pool Table in Oak colour #E4 with a bespoke company logo


Here is one of our Professional Club Pool Tables with a custom cloth and is set up as an American Pool Table

We hope you found this blog on Bespoke Pool Table Cloths useful. If a bespoke cloth is of interest to you or you had any further questions or queries then please feel free to contact us, through either email or by giving us a call!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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