What To Look For When Buying a Pool Dining Table

What To Look For When Buying a Pool Dining Table

If you’re looking to purchase a Pool Dining Table for your home, there are many factors you may want to consider. Pool Dining Tables are a perfect way to utilise the space in your kitchen/dining room, giving you a great combination of a fun, sociable game and a high-quality dining table all-in one. At Luxury Pool Tables, we offer four different ranges of Pool Dining Tables and here are a few key elements we think are essential to look for when buying one.
Height of Dining

The height of the table is vital to ensure comfortable dining and a high-quality game of Pool. The standard height for dining is about 76cm, the chair height is roughly 45cm from the floor to the seat and its recommended to allow 30cm between the seat of your chair and your table top. Our Pool Diners can either come at a fixed height which is on the lower end of standard dining table hight or we have a Rise and Fall system which takes it between the two ideal heights.

Leg Room

Not all pool tables are ideal for dining, especially bulkier, traditional tables as the leg room is very limited. To get the perfect leg room when dining, a slim frame is essential! It is also important for the pockets not to hang down and get in the way of your legs when sitting at the table. Our Pool Dining Tables either have elastic pockets which lie flat to the slate and then stretch as ball are potted, or we have a hidden ball return system which folds away when not in use. Both are a great design and compliment the slim frame.

High Quality Material

At Luxury Pool Tables, all of our tables are made from high quality materials. Over the years your table will take a few knocks and bumps therefore we like to ensure your table is a lifelong purchase and kept in great condition. The Pool Dining Tables are made from solid wood apart from the Slimline table which is made from steel. However, we use  oak veneered dining tops to ensure they are stable and light enough to lift on and off.  We use high quality slates for the bed and have a professional installation team to install and level your table. The solid wood tables can be made in either oak, ash or birch and can be finished in a range of different colours or designs.

Design To Compliment The Room

We can offer a large combination of colours and designs to get the perfect match for your room. When designing your Pool Dining Table, it is important to get the exact colours and design to compliment the interior of the space you’re putting it into. We are more than happy to help you make these decisions and can send out wood and cloth samples for you to choose from.

Below is our wood and cloth colour choices:

Dining Tops

Transforming your pool table into a dining table should be an easy process. To ensure minimal hassle when putting the dining tops on and taking them off, you ideally need a good place to store the dining tops. We can provide you with a few different options to do this. One option is our dining top holders, this is a device which you put the dining tops on and can wheel away into a corner when not in use (shown in picture below).

We offer matching veneered wood dining tops for your table which is ideal if you want to disguise the fact your dining table is in fact a Pool Table! We also have different glass dining top options which can be used on all of our Pool Diners, including clear glass, frosted glass and two different pattern designs. The final Dining Top option is designed for our Outdoor Pool Table and that is a HPL (high pressure laminate) dining top to withstand the elements.

At Luxury Pool Tables, we offer four different ranges of Pool Dining Tables, including an outdoor table! You can find information on all these ranges by clicking the link below