The Best Selection of Pool Dining Tables

Here at Luxury Pool Tables, we truly believe that we have the finest selection of Pool Dining Tables on the market. We think that when it comes to the combination of quality, designs, functionality, price, customisation and customer service, we are very difficult to beat! Before getting too set on a chosen range of Pool Dining Table we highly recommend that you give us a quick call so that we can steer you in the right direction. Depending on the space you have and whether you want to use dining chairs or benches, it makes a big difference as to the table which will be suit your needs.

Once you have chosen a range of Pool Dining Table we can then assist with the customisation of the table to ensure that it looks perfect once in its home. We are happy to post out wood and cloth colour samples and even mock up the size of table in your room, so that you can visualise the space.

Please browse our table ranges to get a feel of what is available. We now have six ranges, all very different, some more suitable in certain situations than others, so give us a call! (01865 582458).

Kind regards, The Luxury Pool Tables Team!